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physical file information


phys. file code204
location localSHM
location on Bolder server
DB platformSQL Server 2005
location DSN
loc. central correctFalse
loc. DSN correctFalse
check date
commentData de Stichting HIV monitoring (SHM). Deze data wordt jaarlijks geupdate. De database bevat HIV positieve deelnemers van H_data en D_data cohorten. Koppeling van data met SHM databases is alleen mogelijk indien men een Mnummer heeft.
resp. centreGGD

This screen displays information about a physical file. A physical file contains one or more tables.
For a file two locations can be given:
  1. the location local, i.e. on a PC, for administrative purposes
  2. the location central: this is the folder on the ACS server were the file is
For a file on the ACS server a Data Source Name (DSN) file can be given. This file specifies how to query the file for data.
If a file is stored on the ACS server, a utility can be run to check if the locations of the file and its corresponding DSN are correct. When this utility is run, the date is stored in field "check date".
  • click on button 'tablelist' to view which tables are in this file
  • click on the DB platform to view more information about the database platform