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included studies of Virologie (165)

215402439-11-2001Kaposi's sarcoma and human herpesvirus 8 infection do not protect HIV-1 infected homosexual men from AIDS dementia complex.
2024378225-4-2000Human herpesvirus 8 infections in the amsterdam cohort studies (1984-1997): analysis of seroconversions to ORF65 and ORF73.
2023349020-3-2000Subtype-specific sequence variation of the HIV type 1 long terminal repeat and primer-binding site.
201492161-3-2000Peripheral blood mononuclear cells of HIV- and HCV-antibody-positive individuals contain HCV RNA but No HCV DNA despite evidence for reverse transcription of HIV RNA into DNA.
201795251-3-2000Primate genus miopithecus: evidence for the existence of species and subspecies of dwarf guenons based on cellular and endogenous viral sequences.
2017345110-2-2000Silent mutation in the V3 region characteristic of HIV type 1 env subtype B strains from injecting drug users in the former Soviet Union.
200579301-1-2000Simplified strategy for detection of recombinant human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M isolates by gag/env heteroduplex mobility assay. Study Group on Heterogeneity of HIV Epidemics in African Cities.
994342681-10-1999Ongoing HIV dissemination during HAART.
9936966415-8-1999Low levels of hepatitis C virus RNA in serum, plasma, and peripheral blood mononuclear cells of injecting drug users during long antibody-undetectable periods before seroconversion.
9937653230-7-1999Maternal viral load and vertical transmission of HIV-1: an important factor but not the only one. The European Collaborative Study.
992627721-6-1999Design and evaluation of a human immunodeficiency virus type 1 RNA assay using nucleic acid sequence-based amplification technology able to quantify both group M and O viruses by using the long terminal repeat as target.
991971121-4-1999Quantitative antibody responses to structural (Core) and nonstructural (NS3, NS4, and NS5) hepatitis C virus proteins among seroconverting injecting drug users: impact of epitope variation and relationship to detection of HCV RNA in blood.
9922395414-1-1999Insertion of two amino acids combined with changes in reverse transcriptase containing tyrosine-215 of HIV-1 resistant to multiple nucleoside analogs.
9922395214-1-1999HIV-1 RNA response to antiretroviral treatment in 1280 participants in the Delta Trial: an extended virology study. Delta Coordinating Committee and Delta Virology Committee.
991024451-1-1999Detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 nucleocapsid protein p7 in vitro and in vivo.
9909076524-12-1998Seroconversion for human herpesvirus 8 during HIV infection is highly predictive of Kaposi's sarcoma.
990399321-11-1998Impact of sexual versus parenteral transmission events on the evolution of the gag and env genes of HIV type 1.
984513311-10-1998Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in faeces and serum: evidence against independently evolving subpopulations.
984114171-10-1998Hepatitis C virus serotype-specific core and NS4 antibodies in injecting drug users participating in the Amsterdam cohort studies.
9843580610-9-1998Neutralizing antibodies are positively associated with CD4+ T-cell counts and T-cell function in long-term AIDS-free infection.
9839455220-8-1998Rate of HIV-1 decline following antiretroviral therapy is related to viral load at baseline and drug regimen [see comments]
983611841-8-1998Emergence of syncytium-inducing human immunodeficiency virus type 1 variants coincides with a transient increase in viral RNA level and is an independent predictor for progression to AIDS.
9834943120-7-1998Evaluation of different V3 peptides in an enzyme immunoassay for specific HIV type 1 group O antibody detection.
9826382410-5-1998Evidence that both HIV and HIV-induced immunodeficiency enhance HCV replication among HCV seroconverters.
9824290616-4-1998HIV-1 strains specific for Dutch injecting drug users in heterosexually infected individuals in The Netherlands.
982019001-4-1998Different hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA load profiles following seroconversion among injecting drug users without correlation with HCV genotype and serum alanine aminotransferase levels.
981319521-2-1998Genetic differences between human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subpopulations in faeces and serum.
980741771-12-1997AIDS prognosis based on HIV-1 RNA, CD4+ T-cell count and function: markers with reciprocal predictive value over time after seroconversion.
9821211418-10-1997[Zidovudine-resistant HIV strains in untreated intravenous drug users and homosexual men in Amsterdam infected in 1996]
Title DutchZidovudine-resistente HIV-stammen bij onbehandelde intraveneuze-drugsgebruikers en homoseksuele mannen in Amsterdam, geinfecteerd in 1996.
974046381-9-1997Evolution of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype-specific V3 domain is confined to a sequence space with a fixed distance to the subtype consensus.
972962551-6-1997Broad spectrum of in vivo fitness of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subpopulations differing at reverse transcriptase codons 41 and 215.
9733198024-5-1997[AIDS; new developments. III. Predictive value of the quantity of HIV-RNA for the course of the HIV infection and the effect of the treatment]
Title DutchAIDS; nieuwe ontwikkelingen. III. Voorspellende waarde van de hoeveelheid HIV-RNA voor het beloop van de HIV-infective en het effect van de behandeling.
971845321-3-1997Founder virus population related to route of virus transmission: a determinant of intrahost human immunodeficiency virus type 1 evolution?
9718641710-2-1997Gross defects in the vpr and vpu genes of HIV type 1 cannot explain the differences in RNA copy number between long-term asymptomatics and progressors.
9715968120-1-1997Mutations within the CD4-CDR-3-like loop allow replication in an immortalized T cell line of HIV type 1 viruses chimeric for envelope glycoproteins containing non-syncytium-inducing V3 loops [letter]
141414141-1-1997Antibody-mediated inhibition of HIV-1 primary isolate replication and plasma viral load in long term survivors.
970422721-10-1996Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 RNA populations in faeces with higher homology to intestinal populations than to blood populations.
9700099210-8-1996Evidence for HIV type 1 strains of U.S. intravenous drug users as founders of AIDS epidemic among intravenous drug users in northern Europe.
963571001-8-1996Human immunodeficiency virus fitness in vivo: calculations based on a single zidovudine resistance mutation at codon 215 of reverse transcriptase.
964072861-6-1996Fluctuations in steady state level of genomic HIV-1 RNA and replication intermediates related to disease progression rate.
9624280927-4-1996[Zidovudine-resistant HIV strains in intravenous drug users and homosexual men in Amsterdam]
Title DutchZidovudine-resistente HIV-stammen bij intraveneuze-drugsgebruikers en homoseksuele mannen in Amsterdam.
962039661-4-1996Consistent risk group-associated differences in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 vpr, vpu and V3 sequences despite independent evolution.
964358291-2-1996First case of new infection with zidovudine-resistant HIV-1 among prospectively studied intravenous drug users and homosexual men in Amsterdam, The Netherlands [letter]
962636811-1-1996Evidence for limited within-person evolution of the V3 domain of the HIV-1 envelope in the amsterdam population.
960137911-11-1995Intrahost human immunodeficiency virus type 1 evolution is related to length of the immunocompetent period.
953959701-10-1995Insertion of primary syncytium-inducing (SI) and non-SI envelope V3 loops in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) LAI reduces neutralization sensitivity to autologous, but not heterologous, HIV-1 antibodies.
961572021-10-1995Fine specificity of antibody recognition may predict amino acid substitution in the third variable region of gp120 during HIV type 1 infection.
961572041-10-1995Maintenance of syncytium-inducing phenotype of HIV type 1 is associated with positively charged residues in the HIV type 1 gp120 V2 domain without fixed positions, elongation, or relocated N-linked glycosylation sites.
952219851-4-1995Predictors for non- and slow progression in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1 infection: low viral RNA copy numbers in serum and maintenance of high HIV-1 p24-specific but not V3-specific antibody levels.
953589071-4-1995Distinct changes in HIV type 1 RNA versus p24 antigen levels in serum during short-term zidovudine therapy in asymptomatic individuals with and without progression to AIDS.

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