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tables in physical file

All tables in : CohortStudiesData (Access 97)

59_SourceTemporarily used: information from PubMed about publication and date.
165tblAbstractAbstract of a publication, as found in pubMed
63tblAuthorcoding table for authors with names, e-mail and other information
64tblCentrecoding table for centers with address information and url
65tblCodebookto record codebooks: a codebook is a collection of tables and fields, printed in a certain order, with their descriptions
66tblDBPlatformcoding table for database platforms
67tblFieldcoding table for fields, with detailed information
68tblFieldTypecoding table for field types
69tblJournalcoding table for journals
71tblLinkCodebookTableto choose which tables should be included in a codebook and in what order
72tblLinkStudyAuthorto record which authors contributed to a study
73tblLinkStudyCentreto record which centers were involved with a study
74tblLinkStudyJournalto record in what journal a publication about a study appeared
75tblLinkStudyPubListto record on which publication lists a study should appear
76tblLinkStudyTableto record what tables were used for a study
77tblPhysicalFileto record the location of the physical file, containing one or more tables
78tblPubListCoding table for lists of publications
79tblQuestionnaireinformation on what is on the paper questionnaire
80tblRangecoding table for ranges, used for fields
81tblRangeItemitems belonging to a range
82tblRespCentrecoding table with the four institutions involved in this project
83tblStudystudy or publication
84tblStudyCharacteristicsTo record characteristics of a study
85tblStudyUrlurls associated with a study
86tblTablecoding table for tables
87tblWorkProgressauxiliary table to record the progress of this project

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