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About this website

Since the beginning of the Amsterdam Cohort Studies on HIV/AIDS among homosexual men (1984) and drug users (1985) a lot of datasets have been collected. Apart from standard virological and immunological tests and standard questionnaires, extra trials with other tests and questionnaires have been collected.
These data were collected or generated mainly in the following places / institutions:

  • Department of Clinical Viro-Immunology (until 31-12-2007), CLB/Sanquin
  • Department of Experimental Immunology - Laboratory for Viral Immune Pathogenesis, AMC
  • Department of Human Retrovirology, Amsterdam Institute of Viral Genomics, AMC
  • National Antiviral Therapy Evaluation Centre (NATEC)
  • Stichting HIV Monitoring(SHM)
  • Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD)

There has never been a central repository for these data and data got lost. Furthermore the knowledge about the datasets was often gone when a researcher got his or her PhD and applied for another job. Finally, because each researcher was free to choose an ID for the participants, it was difficult to combine information of two or more datasets or get a complete picture of what had been collected about one person in various trials.
With this website we aimed to launch one platform to store the meta-data and promote a standardized method for data collection and storage. At that time, the following individuals were involved in this project:

  • Immunology, AMC - Agnes Harskamp and Neeltje Kootstra
  • Virology, AMC - Margreet Bakker and Lia van der Hoek
  • SHM - Ard van Sighem and Sima Zaheri
  • GGD - Linda May and Gerben Rienk Visser

We set out to make a database that could store information

  1. about publications, based on data collected among the participants of the Cohorts
  2. about the collected data: what tables were used, what fields do the tables have, when were the data collected, etc.
  3. who participated in the studies and by what ID are they known