ACS FAQ: uploading a dataset

What is uploading a dataset?

Datasets are also called physical files. They are stored on the ACS server and contain the actual data that were collected in a study. Uploading a datasets means putting a (new) copy on the server. Furthermore the sets can only be used in combination with a so called DSN-file (Data Source Name). This is an ASCII file with information about which driver to use for a dataset.

How do I do upload?

Uploading is done by using an FTP program, such as WS FTP. In order to upload a dataset you need a user ID and password: these are different from your ACS ID! All FTP-ID's are maintained by Kender-Thijssen. Any requests about FTP-accounts should be done via the project administrator.

Where do I do put the sets?

On the ACS server is a folder called "ACSdata". In this folder are subfolders for each participating institute. Data for the CLB are for examlpe stored in ACSdata\clb. If you log in to the FTP-server, your default folder is the folder you have rights to write in. Here you can put your data files. You have rights to create new subfolders. This is convenient to order your data, but it is also necessary when storing SPSS datasets. The reason for this is that SPSS-DSN's work on a whole directory, so take a subfolder for each SPSS data set.