ACS FAQ: finding information

a publication or study

There are several ways to find a publication or a study: the 'best' solution depends on the information you have. For example you know there has been a publication and you remember it was about methadone. In this case you would use the menu option 'find a study' in the 'database menu'. You type 'methadone' in the field and click the 'search' button. A list appears with studies that have 'methadone' in the title.

Another example is when you are looking for a publication or study done by a certain author. Again you use the 'database menu'. Click option 'find an author' and type the name of the author and click 'search'. A list is displayed with author names that match your search criteria. When you click on one of these names a list is displayed with publications this athor contributed to.

A third option is that you know a certain dataset/table was used for a publication. First find the table via the 'database menu', option 'find a table'. Fill in the name of the table and click 'search'. A list appears with tables and you can click on the tablecode for a list of studies that use this table. It's also possible to first have a look at more detailed information about a table by clicking on the tablename. In the form with table information you can click on the button 'studies' for a list of studies that use this table.