ACS FAQ: ownership of objects

Who owns what?

Another way of phrasing this question is: who is responsible for the information in ACS? A third way to put it is: who can change data?
In the ACS database information is stored concerning four institutes. Each institue is responsible for their own data. For example, the CLB have used the table 'base' for a publication. The information about this table is stored in the ACS database. The field 'RespCentreCode' is set to '2', which means that the CLB is responsible for the information in this particular record. Only the database administrator of the CLB can, after having logged in, change this record. This construction applies to all objects that can have an owner.
Some objects however do not have an owner, because they belong to another object. For example the fields of a table do not have a 'responsible centre', because they belong to exactly one table. If you know who is responsible for the table, you know who is responsible for the fields.
As a third category there are objects for which no particular institute is responsible: for example the authors. Each institute can add authors, but once they are created, only the project administrator can change the information about the authors.